Marc Corrales

(Bio) Scientist/Researcher.

code / data / experiments.


phD in the Genome architecture lab at the Center for Genome Regulation.
Supervisor: Dr Guillaume Filion.
Thesis: Text in context: Chromatin effects in gene regulation. Qualification: Cum laude (2013-2018).

Master in Biomedicine (Branch: Genomes and Systems) at Universistat Pompeu fabra.

Biochemistry Licenciatura (5 years) at Universistat Illes Balears.


Learn to Program: Python:

Modeling for systems biology: Courses@CRG.
Organizer: James Sharpe.

Introduction to complexity: Santa fe Institute complexity explorer.
Instructor: Melanie Mitchell.

Library preparation for Next-generation sequencing: Courses@CGR.
Organizer: Heinz Himmelbauer.